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What we do

"An apple tree did it for Newton, a bathtub did it for Archimedes... this unique space in town will surely do it for you!"

We are the very first makerspace, Fablab and co-working space that has reclaimed a public space from the government for all the thirsty makers, tinkerers, innovators and entrepreneurs of Bangalore. With 5000 sq. ft. of pure creative awesomeness right under the Halasuru Metro Station, you can simply bring your thoughts, ideas and designs to this playground and walk out with its manifestation in your hands.


Highlights of the space

Features we are proud of


From engraving to extruding, stl to gcode, cad to cut, our digital fab space can do it all! Our space includes A 100 watt laser, 3 3D printers, a CNC machine and a vinyl cutter for super fast prototyping and production. This space truly makes the conversion of an idea to a sketch to a model super fast , easy and fun!



This space just an overflowing madness of 1s and 0s! Our storage supply, and equipment bins promise all our members at least one less trip to S.P. Road, and countless hours of time saved on looking for parts. From microcontorllers, oscilloscopes, shields, SMPS, Transistors, cables, you name it, this space just lets you grab the thing you need and get back to soldering the best circuit board the world has ever seen.



This space is as hands on as you can get. With all the power tools and hand tools necessary, literally hardware anything can be created here, be it woodworking, welding, acrylic joints, even a smooth paint job! All we ask of you is some time and little bit of elbow grease, and soon, you'll be creating magic out of your own hands!



We're serious! Whether you want to make one for yourself, your neighbourhood or your city, we know how. We'll even train you how to run it (for a while). We can toss in a Mini Maker Faire, a Mega Maker Faire and before you know it, you'll have Makers in the family



You’re a software engineer who just needs a chair to sit on, a sturdy table, your laptop and a quiet space. Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our coworiking space gives you the bare essentials needed for just getting things done. With an A.c. supply, a dedicated table space, a comfortable chair, and 15 other busy people around you, we just make it perfect to just get in the zone and just wire in.



Lets just say all conversations and chats that occur here are added in a blockchain, and the ether that floats around here usually subsides in a crypto based format. Jokes aside, our team has worked with countless blockchain and crypto currency projects, like a physical crypto wallet, etherium mining, Blockchain conferences. We also have a huge network of experts in this field to guide you on your own blockchain project!



We cannot count the number of times people get confused when we say that we are situated UNDER the metro station, and we aren’t exaggerating! Our roof is literally the metro stations stairs,  and our entrance is connected to metros one. Want to reach our space through the city’s Life line? Just hop off the Halasuru metro station and go through the Exit A ( Ramakrisha Mutt side) and you’ll see us right outside, its that easy!


Design Maadi

Need to sketch something ASAP? Wanna Render your 3d model on a supreme graphics card? Or do you just need to photoshop your new Facebook profile? Our space lets you do all of that and more with all of the professional softwares places in our high end PCs. 



Do you think that WP is the right place for you to grow your contacts, visibility and portfolio as a Change Maker? If so, drop us a message to start a conversation (co-elaboration) on how we can use each other for our mutual benefit


Cloud IoT

Do you get that nagging feeling that ordinary life around you could always be a bit faster, a bit better and just a small bit smarter? Do your friends tell you that you have your head in the Cloud? Maybe that old Nokia phone getting you down by how old it is? This sound like a job for an ID-IoT protocol. So smart, that it's fool-proof!

round the clock-01.png


This is literally the amount of time that we spend making stuff and also occasionally allow a couple of cool makers, night owls, avengers and programmers to stay with us making crazy stuff



This option is just for us crazy creatives, merry makers, wonderful workshoppers, talented trainers, and disturbing debaters to get together and hatch plots for World Domination. Did we say Domination? Sorry, we meant Maker Culture.


Get your office for just Rs 5000