Pavan Kumar

Founder and CEO

"Pavan 'I just want to make stuff' Kumar Workbench Projects began as an idea that plagued Founder and Director Pavan Kumar for two years. His first question every time he meets people who introduce themselves as engineers is "what have you engineered?" The blank looks that invariably followed convinced him of the need to build an institution that could rekindle the spark of creative productivity in what he calls an inert society. He's got a Bachelor's and Master's in Mechanical Engineering. He was head of products and communication at Brains for Science and Technology Aided Reforms in Society (BrainSTARS). Before that, he was an Associate Process Engineer with 3D Systems Inc in South Carolina, USA, where he worked on optimising 3D printers. His energy levels are off the scale and the only way to calm him down is to grab him and shout out a new idea.".


Anupama Gowda

Co-founder and CCO

Anupama Gowda, Workbench Projects other founder director, is the hand that runs Workbench Projects. She is a master of ceremonies, operations and logistics, making sure that everything is right where it needs to be. Her passion is to create creativity: developing the right conditions to spark and set off a thousand creative pursuits. She led Kali-Kalisu, a joint initiative of the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan and India Foundation for the Arts staying grounded to grassroots work. As Founder Director of Open Minds Education Initiatives initiated an alternate pre-school in Shivamogga. As former Director of Brains for Science and Technology Aided Reforms in Society (BrainSTARS) spearheaded thier pioneering maths activity centre called NumberNagar. She is the Managing Trustee of a not-for-profit organisation called Yuva Chintana Foundation and is on the Board of Nrityagram, an Odissi Dance Gurukul. In all her busy schedule buy her a watermelon juice and tell her all about your plans, she'll sort you out.


Madhav Pandey

Head of Marketing

Now here’s the funny thing, we’re still trying to wrangle out a treat from Madhav for he’s recently sold his start-up (we’ll let you know when we succeed). As we all know, working in a start-up lands you with a hat-collection of various skills, the one area that this CS Engineer (yes, at WP he’s the only software fella for now, but hey we’re all dabblers here!) wants to explore a bit more is the Marketing and Operations aspect of a Start Up. And that’s exactly what’s he’s working on at WP, so if business wisdom is what you seek, come on over for a chai or coffee wala heart-to-heart.

You know what makes Madhav such an ideal fit? Nope his calm and soft-spoken manner is just an added plus, but it’s the insights into streamlining a project to help it take shape that much faster and just that much smoother that make him such a great add to our maker-gang!


Richard Gomes

Bio Hacker

Richard is the resident biologist and eccentric. He prefers working on unconventional and unknown ideas over tried and tested ones. He studied Engineering Biotechnology from Manipal Institute of Technology and has worked in areas ranging from beer brewing, to the downstream processing of menthol and the production of biofuel from algae. Richard believes in the power of engineering and entrepreneurship to solve some of the biggest environmental and social challenges we face today.



Master Crafstaman and Shopfloor Manager

40 years ago, Balu had a dream. He wanted to create a space where people without access to workshops could come in and exercise their creativity. Today, he has found a place doing exactly that, and intends to build on this old dream of his to infect other people with the maker bug. Balu never allows himself an idle moment. Whether helping people with their wood or metal work, or creating his own wacky puzzles, he hates letting the mind sleep. He has a diploma in electrical engineering and has been a Senior Under officer at the NCC. Although he has the capability and experience to work with various materials, he enjoys wood for its versatility. “I am not bound by money”, he says, always preferring the intellectual and personal fulfilment of having conjured an elegant puzzle or having created a beautifully finished piece of woodwork



Our newest electronics geek (God knows we need more of them!), has a child-like curiosity for anything with silicon and germanium at it’s heart! If you need the hardware in your project to do more than look pretty, then Sharath is your guy. His love for IoT stems from his first IoT Wearable project (he’s in the stages of turning into a commercially available product) which helps Miners stay safe and helps the supervisors keep track to prevent casualties.

The project led Sharath to the finals of a Malaysia-based IoT competition by Hilti Corporation, which in turn finalised his resolve of taking the Smart Jacket forward, cue Workbench Projects coming into the picture.

As Sharath tells us, for anyone who sees themselves at the helm of a Start-Up in the near future, being a part of a system that not only caters to the Start-Up ecosystem (among others) but is also an active part helps you hit the ground running, Workbench is a no-brainer.




Imagine a cross between Tigger (Hyperactive Tiger from ‘Pooh and friends’) and Merlin (Arthur’s Magician Sensei in ‘The Sword in the Stone’) that’s what Aadithya Kota or simply Kota is for Workbench Projects and the world at large.

A recent product of Shrishti School of Art and Design, this product designer with a multi-disciplinary interests (you look at the kickass Rubens Tube installation he’s building you’ll know what we’re on about!).

What made him come back after his internship stint at Workbench a couple of years back, was the simple fact that if you’re a maker, a makerspace like WP is your Haven (#tinyAdvertisement) , your place to bunker-down and focus on nothing but your project, okay maybe not’ll find Aadithya’s handiwork on our Youtube channel testimony to the ‘let’s-learn-something-new’ philosophy, which works perfectly for someone like Kota who intends to be the Adam Savage of his generation.




Mary Aun-tea